Vocabulary: Cooperation partners

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier coop_ptn
Label Cooperation partners
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Registration status Released 20 Mar 2019 14:34:04
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CLCU Clients or customers Valid 04.02.2019 CLCU
CN_IN China or India Valid 04.02.2019 CN_IN
COOP_INN_XRND On other innovation activities … Valid 04.02.2019 COOP_INN_XRND
COOP_OTH On any other business activity Valid 04.02.2019 COOP_OTH
COOP_RND On R&D Valid 04.02.2019 COOP_RND
EU_EFTA_CC_FOR Partner in EU, EFTA or EU candidate … Valid 04.02.2019 EU_EFTA_CC_FOR
EU_EFTA_CC_NAT Partner in EU, EFTA or EU candidate … Valid 04.02.2019 EU_EFTA_CC_NAT
EU_ONL Partner only in the EU Valid 04.02.2019 EU_ONL
GOV_RI Government, public or private research … Valid 04.02.2019 GOV_RI
NAT National partner Valid 04.02.2019 NAT
NPO Non-profit organisations Valid 04.02.2019 NPO
OTH Others Valid 04.02.2019 OTH
PRV_IN Enterprises within the enterprise group Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_IN
PRV_OUT Private business enterprise outside the … Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_OUT
PRV_OUT_CLCU Clients or customers from the private … Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_OUT_CLCU
PRV_OUT_CN Consultants or commercial labs Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_OUT_CN
PRV_OUT_CN_PRV_RI Consultants, commercial labs, private … Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_OUT_CN_PRV_RI
PRV_OUT_COMP Competitors or other enterprises of the … Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_OUT_COMP
PRV_OUT_OTH Other private business enterprises … Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_OUT_OTH
PRV_OUT_SUPPL Suppliers of equipment, materials, … Valid 04.02.2019 PRV_OUT_SUPPL