Vocabulary: Nomenclature of land cover and land use (Corine Land Cover 2018)

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier clc18
Label Nomenclature of land cover and land use (Corine Land Cover 2018)
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Registration status Released 27 Feb 2020 14:05:48
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CLC213 Rice fields Valid 16.09.2019 CLC213
CLC22 Permanent crops Valid 16.09.2019 CLC22
CLC221 Vineyards Valid 16.09.2019 CLC221
CLC222 Fruit trees and berry plantations Valid 16.09.2019 CLC222
CLC223 Olive groves Valid 16.09.2019 CLC223
CLC23 Pastures Valid 16.09.2019 CLC23
CLC231 Pastures, meadows and other permanent … Valid 16.09.2019 CLC231
CLC23_321 Pastures and natural grassland Valid 09.10.2019 CLC23_321
CLC24 Heterogeneous agricultural areas Valid 16.09.2019 CLC24
CLC241 Annual crops associated with permanent … Valid 16.09.2019 CLC241
CLC242 Complex cultivation patterns Valid 16.09.2019 CLC242
CLC243 Land principally occupied by … Valid 16.09.2019 CLC243
CLC244 Agro-forestry areas Valid 16.09.2019 CLC244
CLC2X23 Agricultural areas (excluding pastures) Valid 09.10.2019 CLC2X23
CLC2_321 Agricultural areas and natural grassland Valid 16.09.2019 CLC2_321
CLC2_3X331_332_335 Agricultural areas, forest and semi … Valid 09.10.2019 CLC2_3X331_332_335
CLC3 Forest and semi-natural areas Valid 16.09.2019 CLC3
CLC31 Forests Valid 16.09.2019 CLC31
CLC311 Broad-leaved forest Valid 16.09.2019 CLC311
CLC312 Coniferous forest Valid 16.09.2019 CLC312