Vocabulary: Assistance

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier assist
Label Assistance
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/assist/
Registration status Released 11 Jan 2019 15:33:50
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
AS1010 Assistance used Valid 29.07.2014 AS1010
AS1015 Assistance needed Valid 29.07.2014 AS1015
AS1020 Personal assistance Valid 29.07.2014 AS1020
AS1030 Special equipment or workplace … Valid 29.07.2014 AS1030
AS1040 Special working arrangements Valid 29.07.2014 AS1040
AS1090 No assistance used Valid 29.07.2014 AS1090
AS1095 No assistance needed Valid 29.07.2014 AS1095
ENO Get enough assistance Valid 11.01.2019 ENO
HELPF Assistance received and considered … Valid 22.02.2018 HELPF
HELPF_UNK Assistance received, but level of … Valid 22.02.2018 HELPF_UNK
LACK Lack of assistance Valid 11.01.2019 LACK
NAP Not applicable Valid 22.02.2018 NAP
NHELPF Assistance received, but not considered … Valid 22.02.2018 NHELPF
NND No need for assistance Valid 11.01.2019 NND
NONE No assistance Valid 22.02.2018 NONE
NPROV No assistance provided Valid 17.11.2016 NPROV
NRP No response Valid 29.07.2014 NRP
PROV Assistance provided Valid 17.11.2016 PROV
PROV_NR Assistance provided mainly to … Valid 17.11.2016 PROV_NR
PROV_R Assistance provided mainly to relatives Valid 17.11.2016 PROV_R