Vocabulary: Protected or protective area

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier areaprot
Label Protected or protective area
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Registration status Released 11 Jun 2019 15:33:46
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
AREA_KM2 Country area (km2) Valid 07.11.2017 AREA_KM2
MPA_KM2 Marine protected area (km2) Valid 07.11.2017 MPA_KM2
MPA_SI Marine protected area (sufficiency … Valid 07.11.2017 MPA_SI
PRO Protected area Valid 07.11.2017 PRO
PRO_BIO Protected area - biodiversity Valid 07.11.2017 PRO_BIO
PRO_BIO_KEY_PC Protected area - key biodiversity (%) Valid 09.04.2019 PRO_BIO_KEY_PC
PRO_BIO_MNT_PC Protected area - mountain biodiversity … Valid 09.04.2019 PRO_BIO_MNT_PC
PRO_BIO_TFW_PC Protected area - terrestrial and … Valid 09.04.2019 PRO_BIO_TFW_PC
PRO_LSC Protected area - landscape features Valid 07.11.2017 PRO_LSC
PRO_NAT00 Protected area - Natura 2000 Valid 07.11.2017 PRO_NAT00
PRT Area with a protective function Valid 07.11.2017 PRT
PRT_ECO Area protecting soil, water and other … Valid 07.11.2017 PRT_ECO
PRT_INFR Area protecting infrastructure Valid 07.11.2017 PRT_INFR
TPA_KM2 Terrestrial protected area (km2) Valid 07.11.2017 TPA_KM2
TPA_PC Terrestrial protected area (%) Valid 07.11.2017 TPA_PC
TPA_SI Terrestrial protected area (sufficiency … Valid 07.11.2017 TPA_SI