Vocabulary: Valid population units for additional population size

Folder art17_2018 (Habitats directive Art. 17 reporting in year 2018)
Identifier populationUnits
Label Valid population units for additional population size
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/art17_2018/populationUnits/
Registration status Public draft 17 Jan 2018 15:52:23
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
adults number of adults Valid 01.08.2017 adults
area area covered by population in m2 Valid 01.08.2017 area
bfemales number of breeding females Valid 01.08.2017 bfemales
cmales number of calling males Valid 01.08.2017 cmales
colonies number of colonies Valid 01.08.2017 colonies
fstems number of flowering stems Valid 01.08.2017 fstems
grids10x10 number of map 10x10 km grid cells Valid 01.08.2017 grids10x10
grids1x1 number of map 1x1 km grid cells Valid 01.08.2017 grids1x1
grids2x2 number of map 2x2 km grid cells Valid 17.01.2018 grids2x2
grids5x5 number of map 5x5 km grid cells Valid 01.08.2017 grids5x5
i number of individuals Valid 01.08.2017 i
iwintering number of wintering individuals Valid 17.01.2018 iwintering
length length of inhabited feature in km Valid 01.08.2017 length
localities number of localities Valid 01.08.2017 localities
logs number of inhabited logs Valid 01.08.2017 logs
males number of males Valid 01.08.2017 males
p number of pairs Valid 01.08.2017 p
shoots number of shoots Valid 01.08.2017 shoots
stones number of inhabited stones/boulders Valid 01.08.2017 stones
subadults number of subadults Valid 01.08.2017 subadults

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