Vocabulary: Threats and pressures

Folder art12_2018 (Birds directive Art. 12 reporting in year 2018)
Identifier threats
Label Threats and pressures
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Registration status Public draft 18 May 2018 12:38:04
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
B25 Forestry activities generating marine … Valid 18.05.2018 B25
B26 Forestry activities generating soil … Valid 18.05.2018 B26
B27 Modification of hydrological conditions, … Valid 18.05.2018 B27
B28 Forests for renewable energy production Valid 18.05.2018 B28
B29 Other forestry activities, excluding … Valid 18.05.2018 B29
C01 Extraction of minerals (e.g. rock, metal … Valid 18.05.2018 C01
C02 Extraction of salt Valid 18.05.2018 C02
C03 Extraction of oil and gas, including … Valid 18.05.2018 C03
C04 Coal mining Valid 18.05.2018 C04
C05 Peat extraction Valid 18.05.2018 C05
C06 Dumping/depositing of inert materials … Valid 18.05.2018 C06
C07 Dumping/depositing of dredged materials … Valid 18.05.2018 C07
C08 Abandonment or conversion of saltpans Valid 18.05.2018 C08
C09 Geotechnical surveying Valid 18.05.2018 C09
C10 Extraction activities generating point … Valid 18.05.2018 C10
C11 Extraction activities generating diffuse … Valid 18.05.2018 C11
C12 Extraction activities generating marine … Valid 18.05.2018 C12
C13 Extraction activities generating noise, … Valid 18.05.2018 C13
C14 Abstraction of surface and ground water … Valid 18.05.2018 C14
C15 Mining and extraction activities not … Valid 18.05.2018 C15

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