Vocabulary: AQD - Exceedance Reason

Folder aq (Air Quality Directive e-Reporting)
Identifier exceedancereason
Label AQD - Exceedance Reason
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/aq/exceedancereason/
Registration status Public draft 02 Mar 2017 11:04:03
Type Common
  • AQD Decision 2011/850/EU (used to be Individual Exceedance )
  • 1.0

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
S1 Heavily trafficked urban centre Valid 22.03.2013 S1
S10 Transport of air pollution originating … Valid 22.03.2013 S10
S11 Local petrol station Valid 22.03.2013 S11
S12 Parking facility Valid 22.03.2013 S12
S13 Benzene storage Valid 22.03.2013 S13
S16 Favourable meteorological conditions for … Valid 11.01.2016 S16
S17 Emissions due to public works and … Valid 11.01.2016 S17
S18 Use of studded tyres Valid 02.03.2017 S18
S2 Proximity to a major road Valid 22.03.2013 S2
S3 Local industry including power … Valid 22.03.2013 S3
S4 Quarrying or mining activities Valid 22.03.2013 S4
S5 Domestic heating Valid 22.03.2013 S5
S6 Accidental emission from industrial … Valid 22.03.2013 S6
S7 Accidental emission from non-industrial … Valid 22.03.2013 S7
S8 Natural source(s) or natural event(s) Valid 22.03.2013 S8
S9 Winter sanding of roads Valid 22.03.2013 S9
other Other, please specify Valid 22.03.2013 other