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Identifier DF2_MRoad_Map
Short name DF2_MRoad_Map
Dataset NoiseDirectiveDF2
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Name DF2_MRoad_Map
Short Description Data Flow 2, Competent Authorities for mapping by road link - Major Roads
Definition This dataset allows Member States to define the competent authority for mapping each section of the Major Road network defined in Data Flow 1 and 5.
Methodology for obtaining data European Parliament and Council Directive 2002/49/EC, relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise requires data and reports from Member States to be supplied to the European Commission. Data Flow 2 allows Member States to report information on the Competent Authorities responsible for implementing the Directive. For Major Roads, there are six tables that allow the information required by Data Flow 2 to be reported. The data table detailed here defines the competent authority for mapping by road link by utilising both the unique 'CA Entity Code (Mapping)', defined in the 'DF2_Map_Code_MRoad' table and the 'Unique Road ID' defined in the 'DF1_MRoad (or DF5_MRoad)' table. The data specification for the 'DF2_Map_Code_MRoad' table allows for contact details of multiple competent authorities for mapping to be supplied with a unique code for each. The table must be supplied with supporting xml metadata compliant with the current European Environment Agency, Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (


Element name Datatype Element type
Unique Road ID (UniqueRoadId) string Quantitative
CA Entity Code (Mapping) (CaEntityCodeMapping) string Quantitative