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Identifier DischargePoints
Short name DischargePoints
Dataset UWWTDArt15
Reference URL
Name DischargePoints
Short Description Information on individual points of discharge from treatment plants or collecting systems.
Definition Table contains information on individual points of discharge from treatment plants or collecting systems, coordinates of discharge, link to specific treatment plant, type of receiving area into which the effluent / wastewater is discharged, related waterbody (or river basin), information on the discharge on land and potential reuse of the treated waste water.
Methodology for obtaining data Field uwwCode establishes a link between table DischargePoints and the table UWWTPs. Field rcaCode establishes a link between the table DischargePoints and the table ReceivingAreaSAMain.


Element name Datatype Element type
* dcpState (dcpState) integer Fixed values
* repCode (repCode) C string Quantitative
* uwwCode (uwwCode) string Quantitative
* dcpCode (dcpCode)  (PK) string Quantitative
* dcpName (dcpName) string Quantitative
dcpNUTS (dcpNUTS) string Fixed values
dcpLatitude (dcpLatitude) decimal Quantitative
dcpLongitude (dcpLongitude) decimal Quantitative
* dcpWaterBodyType (dcpWaterBodyType) string Fixed values
dcpIrrigation (dcpIrrigation) string Fixed values
* dcpTypeOfReceivingArea (dcpTypeOfReceivingArea) string Fixed values
rcaCode (rcaCode) string Quantitative
* dcpSurfaceWaters (dcpSurfaceWaters) boolean Fixed values
dcpWaterbodyID (dcpWaterbodyID) string Quantitative
dcpNotAffect (dcpNotAffect) boolean Fixed values
dcpMSProvide (dcpMSProvide) boolean Fixed values
dcpCOMAccept (dcpCOMAccept) boolean Fixed values
dcpGroundWater (dcpGroundWater) string Quantitative
dcpReceivingWater (dcpReceivingWater) string Quantitative
* dcpWFDSubUnit (dcpWFDSubUnit) string Quantitative
* dcpWFDRBD (dcpWFDRBD) string Quantitative
dcpWaterBodyReferenceDate (dcpWaterBodyReferenceDate) date Quantitative
dcpGroundWaterReferenceDate (dcpGroundWaterReferenceDate) date Quantitative
dcpReceivingWaterReferenceDate (dcpReceivingWaterReferenceDate) date Quantitative
dcpWFDSubUnitReferenceDate (dcpWFDSubUnitReferenceDate) date Quantitative
dcpWFDRBDReferenceDate (dcpWFDRBDReferenceDate) date Quantitative
dcpBeginLife (dcpBeginLife) date Quantitative
dcpEndLife (dcpEndLife) date Quantitative
dcpRemarks (dcpRemarks) string Quantitative
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(the C sign marks a common element)