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Identifier Agglomerations
Short name Agglomerations
Dataset UWWTDArt15
Reference URL
Name Agglomerations
Short Description Information on agglomerations
Definition Table contains information on agglomerations with generated load ≥ 2000 p.e. (or even smaller), including names, coordinates, generated load and information whether the load generated is collected through collecting system or addressed via Individual Appropriate Systems (IAS) or not collected not addressed via IAS.


Element name Datatype Element type
* aggState (aggState) integer Fixed values
* repCode (repCode) C string Quantitative
* aggCode (aggCode)  (PK) string Quantitative
aggName (aggName) C string Quantitative
aggNUTS (aggNUTS) string Fixed values
aggLatitude (aggLatitude) decimal Quantitative
aggLongitude (aggLongitude) decimal Quantitative
* aggGenerated (aggGenerated) integer Quantitative
bigCityID (bigCityID) string Fixed values
aggCalculation (aggCalculation) string Quantitative
aggChanges (aggChanges) boolean Fixed values
aggChangesComment (aggChangesComment) string Quantitative
* aggPeriodOver (aggPeriodOver) date Quantitative
* aggDateArt3 (aggDateArt3) date Quantitative
* aggDateArt4 (aggDateArt4) date Quantitative
aggDateArt5 (aggDateArt5) date Quantitative
aggC1 (aggC1) decimal Quantitative
aggMethodC1 (aggMethodC1) string Fixed values
aggC2 (aggC2) decimal Quantitative
aggMethodC2 (aggMethodC2) string Fixed values
aggPercWithoutTreatment (aggPercWithoutTreatment) decimal Quantitative
aggMethodWithoutTreatment (aggMethodWithoutTreatment) string Fixed values
aggPercPrimTreatment (aggPercPrimTreatment) decimal Quantitative
aggPercSecTreatment (aggPercSecTreatment) decimal Quantitative
aggPercStringentTreatment (aggPercStringentTreatment) decimal Quantitative
aggHaveRegistrationSystem (aggHaveRegistrationSystem) boolean Fixed values
aggExistMaintenancePlan (aggExistMaintenancePlan) boolean Fixed values
aggPressureTest (aggPressureTest) boolean Fixed values
aggVideoInspections (aggVideoInspections) boolean Fixed values
aggOtherMeasures (aggOtherMeasures) boolean Fixed values
aggExplanationOther (aggExplanationOther) string Quantitative
aggSewageNetwork (aggSewageNetwork) string Fixed values
aggBestTechnicalKnowledge (aggBestTechnicalKnowledge) boolean Fixed values
aggDilutionRates (aggDilutionRates) boolean Fixed values
aggCapacity (aggCapacity) boolean Fixed values
aggAccOverflows (aggAccOverflows) boolean Fixed values
aggAccOverflowNumber (aggAccOverflowNumber) integer Quantitative
aggSewerOverflows_m3 (aggSewerOverflows_m3) integer Quantitative
aggSewerOverflows_pe (aggSewerOverflows_pe) integer Quantitative
aggForecast (aggForecast) date Quantitative
aggBeginLife (aggBeginLife) date Quantitative
aggEndLife (aggEndLife) date Quantitative
aggHyperlink (aggHyperlink) string Quantitative
aggRemarks (aggRemarks) string Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)
(the C sign marks a common element)