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Identifier aucAggCode
Short name aucAggCode
Dataset UWWTDArt15
Table UwwtpAgglos
Reference URL
Name aucAggCode
Definition ID of the agglomeration that is served by the treatment plant / collecting system.
Methodology for obtaining data This value is required.

ID of the agglomeration filled in this field has to be available in the table Agglomerations, field aggCode.

First 2 characters must be the 2-alpha character ISO country code (use 'EL' for Greece and 'UK' for the United Kingdom).

Do not use characters with accents and other diacritical marks (national characters). Do not use spaces or other spatial characters. The hyphen '-' and the underscore '_' characters are allowed.
Datatype string
Minimum size 1
Maximum size 32
Public or Internal undefined
Is language used No