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Identifier rcaParameterN
Short name rcaParameterN
Dataset UWWTDArt15
Table ReceivingAreasSAMain
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Name rcaParameterN
Definition Parameters subject to More Stringent Treatment: N
Methodology for obtaining data This value is required.

A valid alternative to the default boolean values 'false' and 'true' are values '0' and '1', respectively.

All treatment plants serving agglomerations of more than 10 000 p.e. discharging into Nitrogen euthrophic sensitive area must be equipped with more stringent treatment removing nitrogen. Parameters subject to more stringend treatment must be identical for sensitive areas and their catchments. Consistency with the historical dataset must be ensured.
Datatype boolean
Public or Internal undefined

Allowable values

Code Label Definition
false Auto-created by DD Value auto-created by DD
true Auto-created by DD Value auto-created by DD