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Identifier BWID
Short name BWID
RegistrationStatus Released 12 July 2019
Reference URL
Name BathingWaterID
Definition Unique identification code of bathing water.
Methodology for obtaining data This is a required, not null field.
The identifier must:
- Start with the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, except for Greece ('EL') and the United Kingdom ('UK');
- Be followed by the national code, with a maximum of 40 characters;
- Use only uppercase letters [A to Z] and digits [0 to 9].
- The underscore character ('_') or the hyphen character ('-') may be used as separators within the code (but not to separate the country code from the national code, and not in the end of the code).

It should be the same identification code as supplied for the previous bathing seasons. If ID numbering has changed, the old identification code should be provided under column "ChangeReason".
Datatype string
Minimum size 3
Maximum size 42
Public or Internal undefined
Reporting obligation
Is language used No
CheckInNo 4

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
Abnormal situations WISE_BWD_2008 fantamir
Bathing season table WISE_BWD_2008 fantamir
Identified bathing waters WISE_BWD_2008 fantamir
Monitoring results WISE_BWD_2008 fantamir
Short term pollution WISE_BWD_2008 fantamir