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Identifier hasWFDQualityElement
Short name hasWFDQualityElement
RegistrationStatus Released 23 October 2015
Reference URL
Name WFD Quality element
Datatype reference
Public or Internal undefined
CheckInNo 1
All accepted concepts from the vocabulary WFD Quality element in the wise set
(Code = Notation)
Only concepts accepted before the release of the data element are used from the vocabulary WFD Quality element in the wise set


Code Label Definition
QE Quality Elements (WFD Annex V)
QE1 Biological quality elements
QE1-1 Phytoplankton
QE1-2 Other aquatic flora
QE1-2-1 Macroalgae
QE1-2-2 Angiosperms
QE1-2-3 Macrophytes
QE1-2-4 Phytobenthos
QE1-3 Benthic invertebrates
QE1-4 Fish
QE1-5 Other species
QE2 Hydromorphological quality elements
QE2-1 Hydrological or tidal regime
QE2-2 River continuity conditions
QE2-3 Morphological conditions
QE3 Chemical and physico-chemical quality el...
QE3-1 General parameters
QE3-1-1 Transparency conditions
QE3-1-1-1 Secchi disk depth
QE3-1-1-2 Other determinand for transparency
QE3-1-2 Thermal conditions
QE3-1-2-1 Water temperature
QE3-1-2-2 Other determinand for thermal conditions
QE3-1-3 Oxygenation conditions
QE3-1-3-1 Oxygen saturation
QE3-1-3-2 Dissolved oxygen
QE3-1-3-3 Other determinand for oxygenation condit...
QE3-1-4 Salinity conditions
QE3-1-4-1 Practical salinity units
QE3-1-4-2 Other determinand for salinity
. . . . . . . . .