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Identifier phenomenonTimeReferencePeriod
Short name Reference period
RegistrationStatus Released 07 October 2015
Reference URL
Name Reference period (year or range of years)
Definition The year or range of years to which the data applies.
Methodology for obtaining data This is a required value.
Use the format YYYY for a single reference year (preferred).
Use the format YYYY--YYYY for a range of years. Please note the two consecutive hyphens separating the initial year from the final year.
Note that if a range of years is provided, then the value reported should be the annual average value over the specified period.
Datatype string
Minimum size 4
Maximum size 10
Public or Internal undefined
Owner (Accountable)
Is language used No
CheckInNo 2

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
Emissions WISE SoE - Emissions fantamir