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Identifier parameterEPRTRfacilities
Short name EPRTR facilities
RegistrationStatus Released 20 October 2015
Reference URL
Name EPRTR Facilities
Definition Information if the Emission value is aggregated from E-PRTR Facilities or from non-E-PRTR Facilities or from both together. See codelist for details.
Methodology for obtaining data This value is a required for emissions from point sources, which are relevant for E-PRTR reporting, i.e. from following source categories:
PT (total point sources)
U (total urban waste water discharges)
U2 (urban waste water treated) and its sub-categories greater than 2000 p.e. (U22, U23, U24)
I (industrial waste water) and all its sub-categories (I3, I4)
O (other point sources) and all its sub-categories (O1, O2, O3, O4)
Datatype string
Public or Internal undefined
CheckInNo 6

Allowable values

Code Label Definition
both Emission value includes emissions from b...
no Emission value includes emissions from n...
yes Emission value includes emissions from E...

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Emissions WISE SoE - Emissions fantamir