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Identifier resultNumberOfSitesClass3
Short name Class3
RegistrationStatus Released 20 July 2015
Reference URL
Name Number of sites in Class 3
Definition Number of monitoring sites with annual average concentration of the given determinand within Class 3 boundaries.
Methodology for obtaining data Required for nitrate, nitrite, ammonium and dissolved oxygen in groundwater only.

The Class 3 boundaries for the individual determinands are defined as follows:
- Ammonium between > 0.3 and <= 0.5 mg/l
- Dissolved Oxygen > 5 mg/l
- Nitrate between > 25 and <= 50 mg/l
- Nitrite between > 0.03 and <= 0.06 mg/l
Datatype integer
Maximum size 5
Minimum inclusive value 0
Public or Internal Public attribute
Owner (Accountable)
Is language used No
CheckInNo 4

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
AggregatedDataByWaterBody WISE SoE - Water Quality Not specified