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Identifier To_be_deleted
Short name To be deleted
Dataset CDDA
Table Designations
Reference URL
Name To be deleted
Definition Flag to indicate that the designation should be deleted.
Methodology for obtaining data To be able to maintain the central data base, designation types which are not valid any more can be marked for deletion in this field. The reason for deletion should be added in the remarks field.

As long as existing linked data still use those codes they are kept alive in the central data base. As soon as all tables are compatible with this deletion, the record will be actually deleted from the data base.

As an example we can mention some of the designations from the first version of the NATURA2000 Standard Data Form (appendix D) which are now marked for deletion. But, the present NATURA2000 data base is still using the code and needs updating according to the new list.
Datatype boolean
Public or Internal Administrative attribute
Reporting obligation

Allowable values

Code Label Definition
false Designation record is valid and should n... No
true Designation record is not valid anymore ... Yes