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Identifier DeterminandNutrientsID
Short name DeterminandNutrientsID
RegistrationStatus Released 30 July 2011
Reference URL
Name Nutrients Determinand ID
Definition Identification number of nutrients and organic matter determinand, as defined in codelist.
Methodology for obtaining data This is a required, not null field.
In the case any substance missing in the codelist is reported, enter CAS number into this field. If CAS number does not exist, enter string "CAS: NA" instead.
Datatype string
Public or Internal undefined
Owner (Accountable)
CheckInNo 3

Allowable values

Code Label Definition
500 Nitrate CAS: 14797-55-8
501 Ammonium CAS: 14798-03-9
551 Total phosphorus
555 Total suspended solids
556 BOD5
557 BOD7
1299 Total organic carbon (TOC)
1303 CODMn
1304 CODCr
1321 Total Nitrogen

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
Nutrients_Diffuse_Emission WISE-SoE: Emissions fantamir
Nutrients_Point_Emission WISE-SoE: Emissions fantamir