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Identifier GroupID
Short name GroupID
RegistrationStatus Released 14 October 2008
Reference URL
Name GroupID
Definition ID of bathing water group.
Methodology for obtaining data This is a required, not null field if bathing water is part of a group or if group of bathing water is reported.
Must be unique (see separate guidance: »Background document on coding and specifications for reporting geographical data under BWD«).
Must start with two letter code of country.
Value = »na« if bathing water is not part of a group.
Use UTF-8 codelist.
Datatype string
Minimum size 0
Maximum size 24
Public or Internal undefined
Owner (Accountable)
CheckInNo 1

Tables using this common element

Table Dataset Owner
Abnormal situations WISE-BW2006/7/EC fantamir
Bathing season table WISE-BW2006/7/EC fantamir
Identified bathing waters WISE-BW2006/7/EC fantamir
Monitoring results WISE-BW2006/7/EC fantamir
Short term pollution WISE-BW2006/7/EC fantamir