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Identifier PARENT_ISO
Short name PARENT_ISO
Dataset CDDA
Table Sites
Reference URL
Name Parent ISO code
Definition ISO 3 character code for the reporting country
Datatype string
Minimum size 3
Maximum size 3
Public or Internal Public attribute
Reporting obligation

Suggested values

Code Label Definition
ABW Aruba
AIA Anguilla
ALB Albania
AND Andorra
ANT Netherlands Antilles
ARM Armenia
ATF French Southern & Antarctic Lands
AUT Austria
AZE Azerbaijan
BEL Belgium
BGR Bulgaria
BIH Bosnia & Herzegovina
BLR Belarus
BMU Bermuda
BVT Bouvet I.
CHE Switzerland
CYM Cayman Is.
CYP Cyprus
CZE Czech Republic
DEU Germany
DNK Denmark
DZA Algeria
EGY Egypt
ESP Spain
EST Estonia
FIN Finland
FLK Falkland Is.
FRA France
FRO Faroe Is.
GBR United Kingdom
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