Vocabulary: Waste categories

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier waste
Label Waste categories
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Registration status Released 05 May 2022 13:03:34
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
W128_13 Mineral wastes from waste treatment and … Valid 19.04.2013 W128_13
W12A Mineral wastes (except combustion … Valid 19.04.2013 W12A
W12B Other mineral wastes (W122+W123+W125) Valid 19.04.2013 W12B
W12_X_127NH Mineral waste (except non-hazardous … Valid 19.04.2013 W12_X_127NH
W13 Solidified, stabilised or vitrified … Valid 19.04.2013 W13
W1501 Packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W1501
W150101 Paper and cardboard packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W150101
W150102 Plastic packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W150102
W150102CB_15-49 Lightweight plastic carrier bags having … Valid 15.10.2020 W150102CB_15-49
W150102CB_GE50 Plastic carrier bags having a wall … Valid 15.10.2020 W150102CB_GE50
W150102CB_LT15 Lightweight plastic carrier bags having … Valid 15.10.2020 W150102CB_LT15
W150102CB_LT50 Lightweight plastic carrier bags having … Valid 15.10.2020 W150102CB_LT50
W150103 Wooden packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W150103
W150104 Metallic packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W150104
W15010401 Aluminium packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W15010401
W15010401_IBA Aluminium from incineration bottom ash … Valid 15.10.2020 W15010401_IBA
W15010402 Steel packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W15010402
W15010402_IBA Ferrous metal from incineration bottom … Valid 15.10.2020 W15010402_IBA
W150107 Glass packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W150107
W150199 Other packaging Valid 19.04.2013 W150199