Vocabulary: Waste categories

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier waste
Label Waste categories
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Registration status Released 05 May 2022 13:03:34
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
RCV_OTH Other recovered wastes (valid up to … Valid 19.04.2013 RCV_OTH
SEC Secondary waste (W033+W103+W128_13) Valid 20.04.2018 SEC
TOTAL Total waste Valid 19.04.2013 TOTAL
TOT_X_MIN Waste excluding major mineral wastes Valid 26.06.2014 TOT_X_MIN
W01-05 Chemical and medical wastes (subtotal) Valid 19.04.2013 W01-05
W011 Spent solvents Valid 19.04.2013 W011
W012 Acid, alkaline or saline wastes Valid 19.04.2013 W012
W013 Used oils Valid 19.04.2013 W013
W014 Spent chemical catalysts Valid 19.04.2013 W014
W02A Chemical wastes Valid 26.06.2014 W02A
W032 Industrial effluent sludges Valid 19.04.2013 W032
W033 Sludges and liquid wastes from waste … Valid 19.04.2013 W033
W05 Health care and biological wastes Valid 19.04.2013 W05
W06 Metallic wastes (W061+W062+W063) Valid 19.04.2013 W06
W061 Metal wastes, ferrous Valid 19.04.2013 W061
W062 Metal wastes, non-ferrous Valid 19.04.2013 W062
W063 Metal wastes, mixed ferrous and … Valid 19.04.2013 W063
W063_122_MUN Metal wastes - municipal Valid 15.10.2020 W063_122_MUN
W063_122_MUN_INC Metal wastes - metals separated after … Valid 15.10.2020 W063_122_MUN_INC
W06_07A Recyclable wastes (subtotal, W06+W07 … Valid 19.04.2013 W06_07A