Vocabulary: Products and final uses

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Label Products and final uses
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Registration status Released 07 Nov 2023 17:03:16
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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CPA_A Products of agriculture, forestry and … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_A
CPA_A01 Products of agriculture, hunting and … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_A01
CPA_A02 Products of forestry, logging and … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_A02
CPA_A03 Fish and other fishing products; … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_A03
CPA_B Mining and quarrying Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_B
CPA_B-E Industrial products (except construction … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_B-E
CPA_C Manufactured products Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C
CPA_C10-12 Food, beverages and tobacco products Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C10-12
CPA_C13-15 Textiles, wearing apparel, leather and … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C13-15
CPA_C16 Wood and of products of wood and cork, … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C16
CPA_C16-18 Wood and of products of wood and cork, … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C16-18
CPA_C17 Paper and paper products Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C17
CPA_C18 Printing and recording services Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C18
CPA_C19 Coke and refined petroleum products Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C19
CPA_C20 Chemicals and chemical products Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C20
CPA_C20_21 Chemicals and basic pharmaceutical Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C20_21
CPA_C21 Basic pharmaceutical products and … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C21
CPA_C22 Rubber and plastic products Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C22
CPA_C22_23 Rubber and plastic products; Other … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C22_23
CPA_C23 Other non-metallic mineral products Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_C23