Vocabulary: Products and final uses

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Identifier prd_use
Label Products and final uses
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Registration status Released 07 Nov 2023 17:03:16
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
CPA_P Education services Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_P
CPA_P85 Education services Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_P85
CPA_Q Human health and social work services Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_Q
CPA_Q86 Human health services Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_Q86
CPA_Q87_88 Residential care services; social work … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_Q87_88
CPA_R Arts, entertainment and recreation … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_R
CPA_R-U Arts, entertainment and recreation; … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_R-U
CPA_R90-92 Creative, arts, entertainment, library, … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_R90-92
CPA_R93 Sporting services and amusement and … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_R93
CPA_R_S Entertainement, recreations and other … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_R_S
CPA_S Other services Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_S
CPA_S94 Services furnished by membership … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_S94
CPA_S95 Repair services of computers and … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_S95
CPA_S96 Other personal services Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_S96
CPA_T Services of households as employers; … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_T
CPA_T-U Services of households as employers; … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_T-U
CPA_U Services provided by extraterritorial … Valid 09.06.2023 CPA_U
DISC Discrepancy Valid 09.06.2023 DISC
DSP Discrepancy Valid 07.11.2023 DSP
ITTM International trade and transport … Valid 07.11.2023 ITTM