Vocabulary: International Standard Classification of Occupations for European Union purposes (ISCO-88 (COM))

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier isco88
Label International Standard Classification of Occupations for European Union purposes (ISCO-88 (COM))
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/isco88/
Registration status Released 08 Aug 2011 13:03:44
Type Common
  • Original source from Eurostat at http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/NavTree_prod/everybody/BulkDownloadListing?file=dic/en/isco88.dic

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ISCO0 Armed forces Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO0
ISCO0_4-9 Not managers, professionals, technicians … Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO0_4-9
ISCO1 Legislators, senior officials and … Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO1
ISCO1-3 Managers, professionals, technicians and … Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO1-3
ISCO1-5 Non manual workers Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO1-5
ISCO11 Legislators and senior officials Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO11
ISCO111 Legislators Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO111
ISCO112 Senior government officials Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO112
ISCO113 Traditional chiefs and heads of villages Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO113
ISCO114 Senior officials of special-interest … Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO114
ISCO12 Corporate managers Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO12
ISCO121 Directors and chief executives Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO121
ISCO122 Production and operations department … Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO122
ISCO123 Other specialist managers Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO123
ISCO13 General managers Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO13
ISCO131 General managers Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO131
ISCO1_2 Managers and professionals Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO1_2
ISCO2 Professionals Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO2
ISCO21 Physical, mathematical and engineering … Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO21
ISCO211 Physicists, chemists and related … Valid 08.08.2011 ISCO211