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Identifier sites
Short name Sites
Dataset CDDA
Reference URL
Name Sites Data
Short Description The table contains the information on the individual designated areas at national level.
Definition Information on the site records for each designation type creating "sites" (the field "CDDA sites" in the Designations table must be set to "Yes")
Methodology for obtaining data Geographical co-ordinates:
The geographical co-ordinates can be stored in two different ways: decimal degrees (LAT, LON) or degrees, minutes and seconds in separate fields (LAT_NS, LATDEG, LATMIN, LATSEC, LON_EW, LONDEG, LONMIN, LONSEC). You are free to choose whatever system is easier for you.

Any point within the boundary of the designated area is considered to be correct. In the case of "multi-polygon" areas, expert judgement should provide the best location of the central point, usually within the largest sub-area, but always within site boundaries.

The use of GIS data to fill those fields is highly recommended, especially for countries that have already boundary information in a GIS format available.


Element name Datatype Element type
* EIONET change type (EIONET_CHNG_TYPE) string Fixed values
* Altitude minimum (ALTITUDE_MIN) integer Quantitative
* Altitude maximum (ALTITUDE_MAX) integer Quantitative
* EIONET change date (EIONET_CHNG_DATE) date Quantitative
* Year (YEAR) string Quantitative
* National Site Code (SITE_CODE_NAT) string Quantitative
* IUCN category (IUCNCAT) string Fixed values
* To be deleted (To_be_deleted) string Fixed values
* ISO3 code (ISO3) string Quantitative
* SITE_CODE (SITE_CODE)   (FK) integer Quantitative
* EIONET institute (EIONET_INSTITUTE) string Quantitative
* Latitude (LAT) decimal Quantitative
* National designation type code (DESIG_ABBR)   (FK) string Quantitative
* Notes (NOTES) string Quantitative
* Administrative Region Code (NUTS) string Quantitative
* Longitude (LON) decimal Quantitative
* Parent ISO code (PARENT_ISO) string Quantitative
* Site name (AREANAME) string Quantitative
* Size (SIZE) decimal Quantitative
* EIONET edited by (EIONET_EDITED_BY) string Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)