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Identifier Siteboundaries
Short name Siteboundaries
Dataset CDDA
Reference URL
Name Site Boundaries
Definition Officially recognised boundaries in an interchangeable digital format with known projection at a scale of 1/100.000 or nearest possible for all designation types and sites in the CDDA.
Methodology for obtaining data The geographical details must have been digitised only from maps or geographical documents of the same detail and quality as the official published topographic maps and meeting all the standards of the competent topographical institute. Polygons should be referenced to the CDDA designation types (designation type code) on the one hand and the CDDA sites data base (site code) on the other hand.

Available data:
A few countries have already voluntary delivered site boundary information, following the request at the EIONET meeting in Budapest in 2001. A country specific report on the data delivered through EIONET is available at the same place as where your CDDA site data is listed.

UNEP-WCMC collected boundary information in a variety of ways for a number of European countries. If so, an ArcView shape file (UNEP-WCMC is available in the same pickup site as for the other information.

Each country is requested to evaluate, update and/or replace the existing boundary information by official data on site boundaries according to the principles explained above.


Element name Datatype Element type
* Topology (Topology) string Fixed values
* Datum (Datum) string Quantitative
* Site code (Sitecode)   (FK) integer Quantitative
* Scale (Scale) string Quantitative
* Projection (Projection) string Quantitative
* National designation type code (DESIG_ABBR)   (FK) string Quantitative
* Data format (Data_format) string Quantitative
(an asterisk in front of element name indicates that the element is mandatory in this table)