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Identifier UWWTDArt17
Short name UWWTDArt17
Registration status Released 24 September 2019
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Name Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive reporting under Article 17
Short Description Definition of data reported by countries under the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, Article 17 reporting obligation (UWWTD Implementation Report).
Definition Data reported by countries under the UWWT Directive - Article 17 reporting obligation.
Methodology for obtaining data The data requested through the Reportnet process should be derived from existing national and/or regional information systems within each Member State and the information and data needed to assess the compliance status for agglomerations and treatment plants under Article 15 reporting.

Member States are asked to provide the information on the status and on the forecasts for implementation of the UWWTD, in particular:

   1.   information on individual agglomerations and urban waste water treatment plants which have to become compliant, and
   2.   aggregated socio-economic information at national level

No information will be requested for agglomerations or treatment plants which are considered compliant and for which there are no reasons to conclude that this situation would change within the next two years.
If the reference year used for the article 17 reporting is more recent that this used for article 15 reporting, it could be possible to have new not compliant situations because of a better knowledge of the situation. In the same situation, it is also possible to have less not compliant agglomerations than those identified under article 15 because the work has been achieved between the two reference years.
If no compliance assessment is yet possible (because the deadline in the Accession Treaties is not yet expired), detailed information showing the status of implementation already achieved or expected should be provided.
Aggregated socio-economic information at national level is requested to all MS, including those that reach very high compliance levels. This information will allow assessing the approach applied by Member States to address the identified problems and the actions needed to keep their achievements (e.g. maintenance/renewal etc).

Reporting under the UWWTD will be carried out by uploading data into WISE via ReportNet (the European Environment Agency's electronic infrastructure for data collection). Member States are asked to upload their data UWWTD Art. 17 data in XML files following the reporting templates into a Central Data Repository (CDR). Additional documents and reports can be uploaded next to data files as well. For this reporting exercise, the European Environment Agency (EEA) provided the access rights to the reporters nominated by the Member States to upload the report in WISE.

Instructions on “How to use Reportnet for reporting under the Urban Waste Water treatment Directive-National Implementation programme” for the submission of the reports from the Member States in pursuance of UWWTD article 17 are available at (under “Dataflow specific instructions", sub-section "Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive – National Implementation Programme - Article 17“). All technical supporting documents are also available via this link.

A technical help desk on the reporting exercise will be provided by the European Topic Centre on Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters (ETC/ICM), and will be available for six months after the launch of the reporting exercise. The helpdesk can be contacted via e-mail on
Planned updating frequency 2 years
Version August 2019
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