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Identifier WISE-SoE_WaterQuantity
Short name WISE SoE - Water Quantity
Registration status Released 07 June 2022
Reference URL
Name WISE SoE - Water Quantity (WISE-3)
Keywords Water, water quantity
Short Description Data on water quantity.
Definition Data on freshwater resources, water abstraction and water use at regional level, reported by countries within the WISE-SoE reporting.
Methodology for obtaining data OVERVIEW:

1. Coverage and reference periods

Submit data collected up to the end of the previous year (e.g. in 2015, submit data collected until the end of 2014).

2. Data content

Provide time series of water quantity data for as many parameters as possible.

3. Spatial reference data

The time series reported under the WISE SoE Water Quantity data flow must be linked to a monitoring site or to spatial unit, using a unique identifier. The location, identification and characteristics of the spatial objects must be provided via the WISE Spatial data flow.

If a monitoring site or spatial unit is reported also under the WFD, then use the WFD identifier as the unique identifier.

During the quality control procedures of the data reported under the WISE SoE Water Quantity, the consistency of these identifiers will be checked against the spatial data already reported. (Please note that the spatial data does not have to be reported annually. However, updates to the spatial data (e.g. new monitoring sites, changes in the identifiers, etc.) should be reported.

4. Spatial coverage and spatial resolution

For spatially aggregated data (reported in the RenewableFreshwaterResources, AdditionalWaterResources, WaterAbstraction, WaterUse and WaterReturns tables), the information can be reported at different spatial resolutions:
- River basin district sub-unit (SU);
- River basin district (RBD);
- Country.

Please report at the highest spatial resolution available (i.e. SU-level data is prefered to RBD-level data, RBD-level data is prefered to country-level data).

Please guarantee a full coverage of the territory.
For example, if data is only available for some of the river basins districts, then report that data at RBD level and include also the country-level data.
(If data is reported for all of the RBDs, then there is no need to include the country-level aggregated data.)

5. Temporal coverage and temporal resolution

The information can be reported at different temporal resolutions:
- Monthly;
- Quarterly;
- Annual.

The quarterly resolution is separated into 4 calendar quarters:
Q1: January to March
Q2: April to June
Q3: July to September
Q4: October to December

Please report at the highest temporal resolution available (i.e. monthly data is prefered to quarterly data, quarterly data is prefered to annual data).

Please guarantee a full-year coverage.
For example, if data is only available for some of the months, then report those monthly values and include also the annual value.
(If data is reported for the 12 months, then there is no need to include the annual value.)

Note that daily streamflow data can also be reported in the MonitoringData table.

6. Decimal separators and precision of the reported data

Use a decimal point '.' as the decimal separator. Do not use a comma ','.

7. Other recommendations

Use the 'Remarks' field to provide additional expert information (e.g. what was the calculation method used) or flag specific records. This is very useful during the data quality control process.

8. Reporting format and delivery

Use the reporting templates (MS Excel or XML schemas) and these specifications when formatting and collating the data delivery. The templates can be downloaded from the data dictionary.

Data can be delivered in XML files or in MS Excel file format. Please do not use formulas in MS Excel files and do not rename the worksheets or column names. The file name can be renamed.

Delivery can be split into a multiple files if necessary. All the files must, however, be uploaded to the same envelope.

Upload the data files to the Central Data Repository at

A WISE SoE Water Quantity folder will be created by the EEA under your country’s collection.

Further documentation is available at

If you have any questions about the format and content of the data request please contact WISE-SoE helpdesk, e-mail:
Planned updating frequency 1 year
Version November 2015
Owner (Accountable)
Reporting obligation

Data model

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Dataset tables

Full name Short name
Monitoring Data MonitoringData
Reservoir Data ReservoirData
Renewable Freshwater Resources RenewableFreshwaterResources
Additional Water Resources AdditionalWaterResources
Water Abstraction WaterAbstraction
Water Use WaterUse
Water Returns WaterReturns