Concept: Article 50 - 1 in the Article51Value vocabulary

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Preferred label Article 50 - 1
Definition Article 50(1): This value should be selected if the derogation relates to Article 50(1) which requires that the total organic carbon content of slag and bottom ashes is less than 3 % or their loss on ignition is less than 5 % of the dry weight of the material. Conditions different from those laid down in Article 50(1), (2) and (3) and, as regards the temperature, paragraph 4 of that Article and specified in the permit for certain categories of waste or for certain thermal processes, may be authorised by the competent authority provided the other requirements of this Chapter are met. Member States may lay down rules governing these authorisations.
Notation Art50-1
Status Valid
Status Modified 07.06.2016
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