Concept: AGL instrument in the samplingequipment vocabulary

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Preferred label AGL instrument
Definition The AGL is an instrument from the UK for measuring BlackSmoke and acidity. The AGL instrument is used in conjunction with the EEL (Diffusion Systems) Model 43 smoke stain reflectometer. The zero is set with the reflectometer switched off. The instrument is checked for correct functioning using a calibrating tile. The measuring head Is set on the white standard tile and the control adjusted to read 100. The head is then moved to the grey half of the tile which has a calibration marked on it. The instrument should agree with this calibration to ±1.5 divisions. The white tile is now covered by a clean Whatman No. 1 filter paper smooth side uppermost. The instrument Is re-set to 100. Stained papers are assessed on the white tile. The instrument does not use a coloured filter.
Notation AGL
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Status Modified 02.12.2022
Accepted Date 02.12.2022
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