Vocabulary: Code list for countries

Folder worldbank (World bank classifications)
Identifier country
Label Code list for countries
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/worldbank/country/
Registration status Public draft 06 Nov 2013 10:06:29
Type Common
  • The World Bank follows the ISO 3 letter and 2 letter codes to represent most of the countries, with the following exceptions: 3 letter Code differences: Andorra, Congo, Dem. Rep., Isle of Man, Romania, Timor-Leste, West Bank and Gaza. 2 letter Code differences: Congo, Dem. Rep., Serbia, Timor-Leste, Yemen, Rep., West Bank and Gaza. Countries not yet represented using ISO codes: Channel Islands, Kosovo Since this vocabulary is owned by the World Bank, no corrections have been made to align place names or status with EU standards
  • 2013-03-09
  • http://api.worldbank.org/countries

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
BE Belgium Valid 28.10.2013 BE
BEL BEL Valid 28.10.2013 BEL
BEN BEN Valid 28.10.2013 BEN
BF Burkina Faso Valid 28.10.2013 BF
BFA BFA Valid 28.10.2013 BFA
BG Bulgaria Valid 28.10.2013 BG
BGD BGD Valid 28.10.2013 BGD
BGR BGR Valid 28.10.2013 BGR
BH Bahrain Valid 28.10.2013 BH
BHR BHR Valid 28.10.2013 BHR
BHS BHS Valid 28.10.2013 BHS
BI Burundi Valid 28.10.2013 BI
BIH BIH Valid 28.10.2013 BIH
BJ Benin Valid 28.10.2013 BJ
BLR BLR Valid 28.10.2013 BLR
BLZ BLZ Valid 28.10.2013 BLZ
BM Bermuda Valid 28.10.2013 BM
BMU BMU Valid 28.10.2013 BMU
BN Brunei Darussalam Valid 28.10.2013 BN
BO Bolivia Valid 28.10.2013 BO