Vocabulary: Competent Authority Role Value

Folder noise (Environmental Noise - END)
Identifier CompetentAuthorityRoleValue
Label Competent Authority Role Value
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/noise/CompetentAuthorityRoleValue/
Registration status Public draft 20 Mar 2021 20:13:08
Type Common
  • Main responsibilities of competent authorities related to noise maps and action plans. This code list includes main responsibilities of competent authorities, i.e. making / developing, approving or collecting noise maps and action plans.

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
actionPlanApproval Action plan approval Valid 20.03.2021 actionPlanApproval
actionPlanCollection Action plan collection Valid 11.12.2020 actionPlanCollection
actionPlanDevelopment Action plan development Valid 11.12.2020 actionPlanDevelopment
mappingApproval Mapping approval Valid 20.03.2021 mappingApproval
mappingCollection Mapping Collection Valid 11.12.2020 mappingCollection
mappingDevelopment Mapping development Valid 11.12.2020 mappingDevelopment