Vocabulary: Year of registration

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier y_regis
Label Year of registration
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/y_regis/
Registration status Released 12 Jan 2021 15:34:10
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
Y2010-2013 From 2010 to 2013 Valid 19.11.2020 Y2010-2013
Y2014-2015 From 2014 to 2015 Valid 19.11.2020 Y2014-2015
Y_GE2016 2016 and after Valid 19.11.2020 Y_GE2016
Y_LE2009 2009 and before Valid 19.11.2020 Y_LE2009