Vocabulary: Classification of service products

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier prod_ser
Label Classification of service products
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Registration status Released 11 Feb 2014 12:03:24
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
P52C Marketing management consulting services Valid 02.06.2010 P52C
P52D Human resources management consulting … Valid 02.06.2010 P52D
P52E Production management consulting … Valid 02.06.2010 P52E
P52F Supply chain and other management … Valid 02.06.2010 P52F
P52G Business process management services Valid 02.06.2010 P52G
P53 "Other project management services, … Valid 02.06.2010 P53
P54 Other business consulting services Valid 02.06.2010 P54
P55 Plans and drawings for architectural … Valid 02.06.2010 P55
P56 Architectural services for buildings Valid 02.06.2010 P56
P56A Architectural services for residential … Valid 02.06.2010 P56A
P56B Historical restoration architectural … Valid 02.06.2010 P56B
P56C Architectural advisory services Valid 02.06.2010 P56C
P57 Urban and land planning services Valid 02.06.2010 P57
P57A Urban planning services Valid 02.06.2010 P57A
P57B Rural land planning services Valid 02.06.2010 P57B
P57C Projects site master planning services Valid 02.06.2010 P57C
P58 Landscape architectural services Valid 02.06.2010 P58
P59 Other architectural services Valid 02.06.2010 P59
P6 Resale Valid 02.06.2010 P6
P60 Engineering services Valid 02.06.2010 P60