Vocabulary: Products and gross value added components

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Identifier prod_na
Label Products and gross value added components
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Registration status Released 28 Aug 2018 16:34:38
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing Valid 15.10.2014 A
A01 Crop and animal production, hunting and … Valid 15.10.2014 A01
A02 Forestry and logging Valid 15.10.2014 A02
A03 Fishing and aquaculture Valid 15.10.2014 A03
ADJ_P6 Cif/fob adjustments on exports Valid 28.07.2014 ADJ_P6
ADJ_P7 Cif/fob adjustments on imports Valid 28.07.2014 ADJ_P7
B Mining and quarrying Valid 15.10.2014 B
B-E Industry (except construction) Valid 15.10.2014 B-E
B1G Value added, gross Valid 28.07.2014 B1G
B2A3G Operating surplus and mixed income, … Valid 28.07.2014 B2A3G
B2A3N Operating surplus and mixed income, net Valid 28.07.2014 B2A3N
B3G Mixed income, gross Valid 28.07.2014 B3G
C10-12 Manufacture of food products; beverages … Valid 15.10.2014 C10-12
C13-15 Manufacture of textiles, wearing … Valid 15.10.2014 C13-15
C16 Manufacture of wood and of products of … Valid 15.10.2014 C16
C17 Manufacture of paper and paper products Valid 15.10.2014 C17
C18 Printing and reproduction of recorded … Valid 15.10.2014 C18
C19 Manufacture of coke and refined … Valid 15.10.2014 C19
C20 Manufacture of chemicals and chemical … Valid 15.10.2014 C20
C21 Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical … Valid 15.10.2014 C21