Vocabulary: Cultural products

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Identifier prod_ct
Label Cultural products
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Registration status Released 08 May 2019 15:04:04
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ANTQ Antiques; postage or revenue stamps; … Valid 28.05.2015 ANTQ
ART Works of art (paintings, engravings, … Valid 28.05.2015 ART
BOOK Books Valid 28.05.2015 BOOK
CRAFT Craft (handmade fabrics and ornamental … Valid 08.11.2017 CRAFT
FILMVG Audio-visual and interactive media … Valid 28.05.2015 FILMVG
FILMVG_XVC Audio-visual and interactive media … Valid 18.02.2019 FILMVG_XVC
JEWLR Articles of jewellery (of precious and … Valid 08.11.2017 JEWLR
MAP Maps and hydrographical or similar … Valid 28.05.2015 MAP
MUSI Musical instruments; parts and … Valid 28.05.2015 MUSI
NWPR Newspapers, journals and periodicals Valid 28.05.2015 NWPR
PHOT Photographic plates and film, exposed … Valid 28.05.2015 PHOT
PLAN Plans and drawings for architectural or … Valid 28.05.2015 PLAN
RECMED Music in manuscript, gramophone records, … Valid 28.05.2015 RECMED
RECMED_FILMVG_XVC Music in manuscript, gramophone records, … Valid 18.02.2019 RECMED_FILMVG_XVC
TOTAL Total Valid 28.05.2015 TOTAL
VC Video game consoles (excl. operated by … Valid 21.03.2019 VC
VG Video games used with television … Valid 21.03.2019 VG