Vocabulary: Technical characteristics of plants

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier plant_tec
Label Technical characteristics of plants
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/plant_tec/
Registration status Released 01 Aug 2022 17:33:14
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ACT_FACT Activity factor Valid 01.08.2022 ACT_FACT
BAA_IRRADF Annual average burnup of definitively … Valid 01.02.2019 BAA_IRRADF
CAP_CL_AVG_ABVTH Average nominal cooling capacity - … Valid 01.08.2022 CAP_CL_AVG_ABVTH
CAP_CL_AVG_ABVTH_REN Average nominal cooling capacity - … Valid 01.08.2022 CAP_CL_AVG_ABVTH_REN
CAP_EN Enrichment capacity (tSWU) Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_EN
CAP_GNW Gas network - maximum capacity Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_GNW
CAP_GNW_R Gas network - reverse flow maximum … Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_GNW_R
CAP_GST Gas storage capacity Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_GST
CAP_HEAT Installed thermal capacity Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_HEAT
CAP_HEAT_ABVTH Installed thermal capacity above the … Valid 16.04.2020 CAP_HEAT_ABVTH
CAP_NET_ELC Net maximum electrical capacity Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_NET_ELC
CAP_PRD Production capacity Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_PRD
CAP_UP Capacity (uranium and plutonium) of … Valid 01.02.2019 CAP_UP
CLDD_RED Cooling degree days – Renewable Energy … Valid 01.08.2022 CLDD_RED
CLSUP_REN_SHR Share of cooling supply - renewable Valid 01.08.2022 CLSUP_REN_SHR
LNGET_LIQ LNG export terminals - liquefaction … Valid 01.02.2019 LNGET_LIQ
LNGET_PO LNG export terminals - peak output Valid 01.02.2019 LNGET_PO
LNGET_ST LNG export terminals - storage capacity Valid 01.02.2019 LNGET_ST
LNGET_TNK LNG export terminals - tanks Valid 01.02.2019 LNGET_TNK
LNGET_TRN LNG export terminals - trains Valid 01.02.2019 LNGET_TRN