Vocabulary: Energy balance

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier nrg_bal
Label Energy balance
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Registration status Released 24 Sep 2020 15:33:50
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
AAS Available from all sources Valid 07.12.2018 AAS
AAT Available after transformation Valid 07.12.2018 AAT
AFC Available for final consumption Valid 07.12.2018 AFC
AIM Available to internal market Valid 07.12.2018 AIM
ALF_MIX Annual load factor - mixed hydro plants Valid 29.04.2020 ALF_MIX
ALF_PURE Annual load factor - pure hydro plants Valid 29.04.2020 ALF_PURE
AVGLF_MIX Average load factor - mixed hydro plants Valid 29.04.2020 AVGLF_MIX
AVGLF_PURE Average load factor - pure hydro plants Valid 29.04.2020 AVGLF_PURE
AVI_AEC Aviation - actual energy consumption Valid 23.04.2020 AVI_AEC
AVI_CAP Aviation cap Valid 23.04.2020 AVI_CAP
AVI_REC Aviation - reported energy consumption Valid 23.04.2020 AVI_REC
BIOFCON_LIM_TRA Biofuels contribution - 7% limit - … Valid 23.04.2020 BIOFCON_LIM_TRA
BIOF_FS_SHR Share of biofuels from food sources Valid 23.04.2020 BIOF_FS_SHR
BIOG_G_ADJSHR Biogas - grid - adjusted share Valid 29.04.2020 BIOG_G_ADJSHR
BIOG_G_SHR Share of biogas - grid Valid 29.04.2020 BIOG_G_SHR
BIOG_G_TRA Biogas - grid - transport Valid 29.04.2020 BIOG_G_TRA
BIOL_BIOFCON_LIM Bioliquids and biofuels contribution - … Valid 23.04.2020 BIOL_BIOFCON_LIM
BIOL_BIOF_FS_SHR Share of bioliquids and biofuels from … Valid 23.04.2020 BIOL_BIOF_FS_SHR
BKFLOW Backflows Valid 07.12.2018 BKFLOW
BKFLOW_DES Backflows - direct export or sale Valid 07.12.2018 BKFLOW_DES