Vocabulary: International patent classification (IPC)

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Identifier ipc
Label International patent classification (IPC)
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/ipc/
Registration status Released 08 May 2019 14:04:00
Type Common
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
D06 Treatment of textiles or the like; … Valid 26.04.2012 D06
D07 Ropes; cables other than electric Valid 26.04.2012 D07
D21 Paper-making; production of cellulose Valid 26.04.2012 D21
E Section E - Fixed constructions Valid 26.04.2012 E
E01 Construction of roads, railways, or … Valid 26.04.2012 E01
E02 Hydraulic engineering; foundations; … Valid 26.04.2012 E02
E03 Water supply; sewerage Valid 26.04.2012 E03
E04 Building Valid 26.04.2012 E04
E05 Locks; keys; window or door fittings; … Valid 26.04.2012 E05
E06 Doors, windows, shutters, or roller … Valid 26.04.2012 E06
E21 Earth or rock drilling; mining Valid 26.04.2012 E21
EBU Efficient Buildings Valid 26.04.2012 EBU
F Section F - Mechanical engineering; … Valid 26.04.2012 F
F01 Machines or engines in general; engine … Valid 26.04.2012 F01
F02 Combustion engines; hot-gas or … Valid 26.04.2012 F02
F03 Machines or engines for liquids; wind, … Valid 26.04.2012 F03
F04 Positive-displacement machines for … Valid 26.04.2012 F04
F15 Fluid-pressure actuators; hydraulics or … Valid 26.04.2012 F15
F16 Engineering elements or units; general … Valid 26.04.2012 F16
F17 Storing or distributing gases or liquids Valid 26.04.2012 F17