Vocabulary: Agricultural indicators

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier indic_agr
Label Agricultural indicators
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/indic_agr/
Registration status Released 03 Mar 2020 13:05:12
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
FARM_LSU_LS Farms with livestock - live stock unit Valid 28.10.2016 FARM_LSU_LS
FARM_NR Farm - number Valid 28.10.2016 FARM_NR
FARM_NR_LS Farms with livestock - number Valid 28.10.2016 FARM_NR_LS
FARM_NR_PD_GT50 Farms whose household consumes more than … Valid 28.10.2016 FARM_NR_PD_GT50
FAXSAA_HA Farm area excluding special agricultural … Valid 15.02.2018 FAXSAA_HA
FA_HA Farm area - hectare Valid 15.02.2018 FA_HA
HRI1 Harmonised risk indicator 1 Valid 27.02.2020 HRI1
HRI2 Harmonised risk indicator 2 Valid 27.02.2020 HRI2
LF_D_AWU Labour force directly employed - annual … Valid 05.01.2017 LF_D_AWU
SO_EUR Standard output - euro Valid 28.10.2016 SO_EUR
UAA_HA Utilised agricultural area - hectare Valid 28.10.2016 UAA_HA