Vocabulary: Classification of health care financing schemes - SHA 2011

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Identifier icha11_hf
Label Classification of health care financing schemes - SHA 2011
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Registration status Released 05 Jul 2017 16:47:28
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
HF1 Government schemes and compulsory … Valid 30.07.2015 HF1
HF11 Government schemes Valid 30.07.2015 HF11
HF121 Social health insurance schemes Valid 05.07.2017 HF121
HF122 Compulsory private insurance scheme Valid 05.07.2017 HF122
HF12_13 Compulsory contributory health insurance … Valid 30.07.2015 HF12_13
HF13 Compulsory medical savings accounts … Valid 05.07.2017 HF13
HF2 Voluntary health care payment schemes Valid 30.07.2015 HF2
HF21 Voluntary health insurance schemes Valid 30.07.2015 HF21
HF22 NPISH financing schemes Valid 30.07.2015 HF22
HF23 Enterprise financing schemes Valid 30.07.2015 HF23
HF3 Household out-of-pocket payment Valid 30.07.2015 HF3
HF31 Out-of-pocket excluding cost-sharing Valid 30.07.2015 HF31
HF32 Cost sharing with third-party payers Valid 30.07.2015 HF32
HF4 Rest of the world financing schemes … Valid 30.07.2015 HF4
HF41 Compulsory schemes (non-resident) Valid 30.07.2015 HF41
HF42 Voluntary schemes (non-resident) Valid 30.07.2015 HF42
HFRI1 Institutional units managing financing … Valid 30.07.2015 HFRI1
HFRI11 Government Valid 30.07.2015 HFRI11
HFRI12-14 Corporations, households and NPISH Valid 30.07.2015 HFRI12-14
HFRI15 Rest of the world Valid 30.07.2015 HFRI15