Vocabulary: Factors

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier factor
Label Factors
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/factor/
Registration status Released 18 Dec 2023 15:33:12
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ACT_SVCONC Activities involving strong visual … Valid 13.09.2022 ACT_SVCONC
CHM_SMO_GAS Chemicals, dusts, fumes, smoke or gases Valid 13.09.2022 CHM_SMO_GAS
DEAL_DIFCUS Dealing with difficult customers, … Valid 13.09.2022 DEAL_DIFCUS
DIF_WPST_WMV Difficult work postures, work movements Valid 13.09.2022 DIF_WPST_WMV
GOV_PLCY_MEAS Government policies or measures Valid 13.09.2022 GOV_PLCY_MEAS
GRNT_S_FINOTH Government grants, subsidies or other … Valid 13.09.2022 GRNT_S_FINOTH
HARS_BULLY Harassment or bullying Valid 13.09.2022 HARS_BULLY
HCOST_EWM High cost of energy, water or materials Valid 13.09.2022 HCOST_EWM
H_HVYLOAD Handling of heavy loads Valid 13.09.2022 H_HVYLOAD
IMPC_WTHR Impacts of extreme weather conditions Valid 13.09.2022 IMPC_WTHR
INCR_COST_PRC Increasing costs or input prices Valid 13.09.2022 INCR_COST_PRC
INCR_CUSDM Increasing customer demand Valid 13.09.2022 INCR_CUSDM
I_ENTREPUT Improving enterprise's reputation Valid 13.09.2022 I_ENTREPUT
LAUTN_WPACE Lack of autonomy, or lack of influence … Valid 13.09.2022 LAUTN_WPACE
LCOMM_ORG Lack of communication or cooperation … Valid 13.09.2022 LCOMM_ORG
MKTDM Current or expected market demand Valid 13.09.2022 MKTDM
NOIS_VIB Noise or vibration Valid 13.09.2022 NOIS_VIB
NSECU_JOB Job insecurity Valid 13.09.2022 NSECU_JOB
PUB_PROC Need to meet requirements for public … Valid 13.09.2022 PUB_PROC
REG Existing regulations Valid 13.09.2022 REG