Vocabulary: European Socio-economic groups

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier eseg
Label European Socio-economic groups
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Registration status Released 25 Nov 2016 16:06:28
Type Common

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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ESEG0 Persons in the labour force whose … Valid 05.10.2016 ESEG0
ESEG01 Employed persons whose occupation or … Valid 05.10.2016 ESEG01
ESEG02 Unemployed persons whose occupation or … Valid 05.10.2016 ESEG02
ESEG1 Managers Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG1
ESEG10 Managers - not specified Valid 05.07.2016 ESEG10
ESEG11 Higher managerial self-employed Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG11
ESEG12 Lower managerial self-employed Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG12
ESEG13 Higher managerial employees Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG13
ESEG14 Lower managerial employees Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG14
ESEG2 Professionals Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG2
ESEG20 Professionals - not specified Valid 05.07.2016 ESEG20
ESEG21 Science, engineering and information and … Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG21
ESEG22 Health professionals Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG22
ESEG23 Business and administration … Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG23
ESEG24 Legal, social and cultural professionals Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG24
ESEG25 Teaching professionals Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG25
ESEG3 Technicians and associate professional … Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG3
ESEG30 Technicians and associate professional … Valid 05.07.2016 ESEG30
ESEG31 Science and engineering associate … Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG31
ESEG32 Health associate professionals Valid 02.05.2016 ESEG32