Vocabulary: Environmental economic characteristics

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier env_econ
Label Environmental economic characteristics
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Registration status Released 10 May 2019 13:04:46
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
EPS_B2N Net operating surplus Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_B2N
EPS_CUR Current expenditure Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_CUR
EPS_CUR_FEE Fees and purchases Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_CUR_FEE
EPS_CUR_IN Internal current expenditure Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_CUR_IN
EPS_CUR_PC_P1 Current expenditure as % of output Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_CUR_PC_P1
EPS_D1 Compensation of employees Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_D1
EPS_D21X31 Taxes less subsidies on products Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_D21X31
EPS_D29X39 Other taxes less other subsidies on … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_D29X39
EPS_EMP Employment Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_EMP
EPS_EPE Environmental protection expenditure Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_EPE
EPS_INV Investment Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_INV
EPS_INV_PC_P51G Investment as % of gross fixed capital … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_INV_PC_P51G
EPS_INV_PP Gross fixed capital formation on cleaner … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_INV_PP
EPS_INV_PP_PC_INV Pollution prevention investment as % of … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_INV_PP_PC_INV
EPS_INV_PT Gross fixed capital formation on … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_INV_PT
EPS_NEGB2N_MP Negative net operating surplus of market … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_NEGB2N_MP
EPS_P1 Output Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_P1
EPS_P11 Market output Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_P11
EPS_P11_MA Market output from principal activity … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_P11_MA
EPS_P11_SA Market output from secondary activity … Valid 11.02.2016 EPS_P11_SA