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Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier env_dom
Label Description missing in source
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/eurostat/env_dom/
Registration status Released 05 May 2014 17:00:06
Type Common
  • Original source from Eurostat at http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/NavTree_prod/everybody/BulkDownloadListing?file=dic/en/env_dom.dic

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ED2122 Minimisation of the intake of forest … Valid 12.06.2012 ED2122
ED2130 Management of wild flora and fauna Valid 12.06.2012 ED2130
ED2140 Management of fossil energy resources Valid 12.06.2012 ED2140
ED2141 Production of energy from renewable … Valid 12.06.2012 ED2141
ED2142 Heat/energy saving and management Valid 12.06.2012 ED2142
ED2143 Minimisation of the intake of fossil … Valid 12.06.2012 ED2143
ED2150 Management of minerals Valid 12.06.2012 ED2150
ED2160 Research and development (R&D) for … Valid 12.06.2012 ED2160
ED2161 of which R&D for the production of … Valid 12.06.2012 ED2161
ED2170 Other resource management activities Valid 12.06.2012 ED2170
ED2180 Management of wild flora and fauna, R&D … Valid 05.05.2014 ED2180