Vocabulary: Business strategy

Folder eurostat (Eurostat dictionaries)
Identifier bsn_strat
Label Business strategy
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Registration status Released 18 Nov 2020 13:08:26
Type Common

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
B_ALIA Build alliances Valid 08.02.2019 B_ALIA
CH_ESTH_APPEAR Significant changes in aesthetic … Valid 08.02.2019 CH_ESTH_APPEAR
CH_MKTG Undertake changing enterprise's … Valid 08.02.2019 CH_MKTG
DEV_NEWMKT_IN_EU Develop new markets within Europe Valid 08.02.2019 DEV_NEWMKT_IN_EU
DEV_NEWMKT_OUT_EU Develop new markets outside Europe Valid 08.02.2019 DEV_NEWMKT_OUT_EU
FOC_BROAD_GDSERV Focus on a broad range of goods and … Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_BROAD_GDSERV
FOC_CUS_SLT Focus on customer specific solution Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_CUS_SLT
FOC_HQUAL Focus on high quality Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_HQUAL
FOC_IEGDSERV Focus on improving existing goods or … Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_IEGDSERV
FOC_KEY_GDSERV Focus on key goods and services Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_KEY_GDSERV
FOC_LOWPRC Focus on low-price Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_LOWPRC
FOC_NEWCUS Focus on reaching out to new customer … Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_NEWCUS
FOC_NEWGDSERV Focus on introducing entirely new goods … Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_NEWGDSERV
FOC_SAT_CUS Focus on satisfying established customer … Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_SAT_CUS
FOC_STD_GDSERV Focus on standardised goods or services Valid 08.02.2019 FOC_STD_GDSERV
IMKTG_GDSERV Intensify or improve the marketing of … Valid 08.02.2019 IMKTG_GDSERV
IMPL_CH_ORG Undertake implementation of changed … Valid 08.02.2019 IMPL_CH_ORG
IMPL_MGMT Undertake implementation of advanced … Valid 08.02.2019 IMPL_MGMT
IMPL_NEW_CRP Undertake implementation of new … Valid 08.02.2019 IMPL_NEW_CRP
INCR_FLEX_RESP Increase flexibility/responsiveness Valid 08.02.2019 INCR_FLEX_RESP