Vocabulary: Air pollutants and greenhouse gases

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Identifier airpol
Label Air pollutants and greenhouse gases
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Registration status Released 18 Feb 2020 13:03:52
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Vocabulary concepts

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
ACG Acidifying gases (SOX in SO2 equivalent, … Valid 07.04.2017 ACG
AS Arsenic (As) Valid 23.01.2020 AS
CD Cadmium (Cd) Valid 23.01.2020 CD
CH4 Methane Valid 23.12.2015 CH4
CH4_CO2E Methane (CO2 equivalent) Valid 07.04.2017 CH4_CO2E
CH4_NMVOCE Methane (NMVOC equivalent) Valid 07.04.2017 CH4_NMVOCE
CO Carbon monoxide Valid 23.12.2015 CO
CO2 Carbon dioxide Valid 23.12.2015 CO2
CO2_BIO Carbon dioxide from biomass used as a … Valid 23.12.2015 CO2_BIO
CO2_N2O_CH4_CO2E Greenhouse gases (CO2, N2O in CO2 … Valid 28.04.2017 CO2_N2O_CH4_CO2E
CO_NMVOCE Carbon monoxide (NMVOC equivalent) Valid 07.04.2017 CO_NMVOCE
CR Chromium (Cr) Valid 23.01.2020 CR
CU Copper (Cu) Valid 23.01.2020 CU
GHG Greenhouse gases (CO2, N2O in CO2 … Valid 23.12.2015 GHG
HFC Hydrofluorocarbons Valid 23.12.2015 HFC
HFC_CO2E Hydrofluorocarbones (CO2 equivalent) Valid 07.04.2017 HFC_CO2E
HFC_PFC_NSP_CO2E Hydrofluorocarbones and … Valid 31.05.2018 HFC_PFC_NSP_CO2E
HG Mercury (Hg) Valid 23.01.2020 HG
N2O Nitrous oxide Valid 23.12.2015 N2O
N2O_CO2E Nitrous oxide (CO2 equivalent) Valid 07.04.2017 N2O_CO2E