Vocabulary: National designation type category

Folder cdda (CDDA)
Identifier designationTypeCategory
Label National designation type category
Base URI http://dd.eionet.europa.eu/vocabulary/cdda/designationTypeCategory/
Registration status Released 07 Jan 2019 08:49:06
Type Common
  • The national designation type category (A, B or C) is a categorisation of national designation types according to the aim of the designation type. When assigning the designation type category to a designation type, you should consider what is the primary aim of the designation type. If it is the long-term protection of flora, fauna or habitats, then the category will be A or C, depending on the legal status and the land ownership of the areas created by the designation type. If the primary aim is different but still providing an adequate protection for flora, fauna or habitats, the category will be B. In addition to the A, B and C categories, the 'NA' (Not applicable) value is allowed for designation types with a code ending with '00' (No protection status) or '99' (Others). The ‘00’ code is only used from the international level of e.g. Natura 2000 or Emerald reporting, when the relationship between the international designation and designation types at the national level is provided.

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Id Label Status Status Modified Notation
A Category A Valid 07.10.2013 A
B Category B Valid 07.10.2013 B
C Category C Valid 07.10.2013 C
NA Not applicable Valid 29.08.2018 NA